I would be happy to assist you with your legal problems as legal counsel and advisor.

Acting in my capacity as a licensed attorney, I have:

  • Represented a large oil and gas producer on litigation issues
  • Represented third-party administrator on insurance coverage issues
  • Assist a client with a dispute over a sizable investment and allegations of breach of contract and fraud; revised complex settlement agreement which resulted in the return of the client’s investment
  • Represented and advised business clients including Berkshire Hathaway-owned Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Dallas-based full-service event planning company, and owner of a construction business in litigation, policy, and regulatory and compliance matters
  • Negotiated, drafted, and reviewed contracts, including commercial leases
  • Assisted small and large businesses (Fortune 300), and individuals, in various industries including representing a natural gas company in complex litigation involving the Barnett Shale
  • Work with a real estate investment trust (REIT) on distinct legal entities and theories related to single employer, joint employer, and agency and on punitive damages
  • Defended REIT-owned apartment building against allegations of mold
  • Drafted winning No-Evidence Motion for Summary Judgment in an employment litigation case
  • Directed and coordinated expert witness in a litigation matter
  • Defended one of the world’s largest publicly traded full-service real estate investment trust (REIT) companies in breach of contract disputes
  • Worked directly with outside counsel of multi-billion-dollar corporation on numerous products liability matters involving tractor-trailers
  • Performed early case assessment to identify and explore legal strategies to develop litigation plans and budgets
  • Successfully defended clients against motions for summary judgment related to alleged contract-related and fraud defenses
  • Argued before courts in over seventy trials on behalf of the State of Texas
  • Successfully prosecuted and obtained convictions for numerous victims of assault and theft
  • Coordinated expert witness in litigation matters

If you have an issue you would like to get outside advice and counsel on, please call me at (972) 375-6768 or send me an email at